Welcome to Vermont Organics Reclamation

The three stems on the famous Mercedes Benz logo stand for air, water and soil; they are our Earth.

At Vermont Organics Reclamation (VOR), we help keep your air and water healthy by making and offering Earth’s friendliest soil – the foundation of wholesome food, and a clean environment.

To make our soil products – which contain more organic content than any others on the market – we have developed recycling systems that put carbon back in the ground, where it belongs, and not in the air, where there is too much carbon. VOR’s soils also provide tremendous benefits to local watersheds.

Furthermore, VOR involves farmers in its soil-production process, and strives to help bolster our agricultural industry, as well as our environment.

VOR’s staff innovates and operates on 185 acres of pristine agricultural land in St. Albans, VT, a community that abuts magnificent Lake Champlain – the seed that started us. Our campus also contains a 7,200-square-foot nursery and research and development center that is available to greenhouses and nurseries of all sizes; but more on all this, here, on our site.

We ask that you please join us on our mission, because the way we see it, here at VOR – it’s your water, and it’s your air. Treat them both right with Vermont Organics’ soils.