Welcome to Vermont Organics Reclamation

Imagine a world that lived by the phrase,

Waste not. Want not.

At Vermont Organics Reclamation (VOR), we’re committed to living out that phrase.

We strive to help farmers right down the road, by paying them for 20 percent of their daily manure load.

Then, we take that manure, put it through our revolutionary, cutting-edge recycling process, and manufacture soil products that break the boundaries of seemingly unsolvable water and air pollution.

With our unique, organic products, we boost farmers’ income, help minimize adverse effects on our environment, and create jobs.

We can do this anywhere.

We’re starting in Vermont.

Come on in.

Our barn door’s open.

Vermont Organics Nursery

We use our soil to grow and sell quality native & exotic perennial plants selected for specific roles in ecology.

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Soil Products

From coffee processing to logging, to manure; our work begins with their organic discards.

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Global Warming Mums™

5 varieties of late blooming mums to help grow your sales—and fight the effects of Global Warming.

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